Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me

I think I am definitely  dream worthy in this outfit!  The dress has a touch of class to it with the long sleeves, the lovely ivory colour,  and the lace and  frills!  The bright red shoes have a touch of brazen to them but the hair is almost innocent!  Almost being the operative word!

The dress is the Ivory Lace Swan dress from Petit Mort. This is at The Wash’s Cart Sale and only $10L.

The bright and sexy red Ankle Boot Peeptoe booties are from HOLY SHIrT! They are exclusive at Penumbra!

When I first started in SL I faithfully wore nothing but Aeva/Heartsick skins. Aeva/Heartsick has re-branded to Lumae and I have happily followed along and love the skins that Lumiya Rae creates! This is Evie, Airedine in Icing. So beautiful!

I have to show more jewellery from Maxi Gossamer! The necklace is Nima’s Fall Leaf necklace, short. It has a long or short option and is colour change. The earrings are Singapore Swing, triple, gold! They come in the triple or single and are also colour change!

The hair is Julie from the Indecisive pack from Ploom.

Poses are from Le Poppycock.

The pretty beauty mark is the Heart Face Tattoo from !Sharktooth!.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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