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Close Encounters of the Candy Kind

Close Encounters of the Candy Kind

I paid a visit to The Candy Fair and went to sweet, sweet heaven! I think I’m in a huge sugar overload, but I’m loving it! 🙂 I have now covered myself in treats that no one can resist! As if I wasn’t sweet enough already!!

I’ll start with (My Big Donut Backpack) Chococute*Rare from Blah. It’s big, it’s bold and it is beautiful!

I ended up with a bunch of great sweet treats from .Sweet Thing.‘s Silly Baking gacha! I got the Odd Grape Mixer, RARE and it’s a great addition to any outfit! 😉 The Blue Raspberry Mixer Earrings are adorable and the Blue Raspberry Necklace completes it all!

And now the rest of the outfit!

The shoes are the Nora Heels in Abyss from -{ZOZ}-. They are in the Group Gift area and are at a reduced price for group members!

The dress is the Etta Cocktail Dress in black and is from the current fishing outfit at SN@TCH.

One of my favourite hair is this one, Carmen, brown from EMO-tions !

I really like the Kohl Eyeliner from The {Wicked} Peach. This is # 4 in the set of six!

The eye shadow is the Light Winterberry l from the Winterberry eshadows pack 1 from [mock] cosmetics .

The skin is Delphine,bare, Latte from Lumae.

Hands & Feet by SLink.

Poses and backdrop are from Katink!

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