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Letting the Girls Go Free!

Letting the Girls Go Free!

I decided to bust out today! Sometimes ya gotta say NO to that old bra and feel the breeze!!

Sometimes it’s the right choice to opt for nothing! When I put on this hair from Damselfly. I realized that if I wore a shirt there is no way it would be seen! So I decided to bare most of myself and go without a top! The hair is Becky and a great deal! It’s 2 for 1 this being the full mesh and the other option is a flex-mesh hair that has curls and great movement.

The pants are the Grey Jeans from *Stars*Fashion*. Skinny jeans at their finest!

The palest of pale skins is so delicate looking! This is Eliana in Icing from Lumae and going topless shows off a beautiful midriff!

I think L.Warwick makes some of the nicest SLink shoes on the grid! This time I chose Aurora in black/white for the SLink mid feet!

The SLink tattoo appliers are Birds of a Feather from PMS-Pimp My Sh!t.

Maxi Gossamer is the creator of the jewellery I’ve got on. The rings are Katrina Court and the necklace is Wicked Little Heart.

The eyeshadow is the Shimmery & Smoke in iron from Kosh.

The pasties are Hands from Schock Designs.

The poses are from Le Poppycock! When I’m undecided about what pose to use Le Poppycock always works! 🙂

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