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A Woman’s Best Friend

A Woman's Best Friend

Everybody needs a friend and sometimes a human friend just doesn’t cut it! Today felt like a good day to have cute canine friend to accompany me on my SL outings! He’s a great listener, doesn’t judge me and is happy just to be with me! I just wish I could teach him to give foot rubs!! He’s a pure bred Puggle from .Birdy. and put his Halloween costume on for the trip!

I love this sweater from Pixicat! The fall colours are the best of any season and this mustardy yellow Knitted Sweater says autumn all the way!!

There was two Welcome Gifts at Argrace sitting there for the taking! This is the female gift, Sakura in chestnut. It’s such a fun and simple style with 2 little barrettes on the side and comes in a whole lotta colours!

There’s nothing like Halloween to bring out some unique stuff! The Carved Pumpkin SLink nails are a group gift from -{ZOZ}-. There is toe and fingernails in the pack and so cute!!

The jeans are the Dana jeans in Dark from DECOY. They are system pants and they look great and go really well with any mesh top.

The cosmetics are the Shimmery & Smoke,moss eye shadow from KOSH, the eye liner is from DeeTaleZ and the lips are the Innocente Lipcolor in Bare Roman from [mock].

The cute birds nest earrings are the Little Sparrow earrings from Maxi Gossamer.

The silky smooth skin is Delphine, bare in Honey from Lumae.

The sandals are the Weathered Leather Sandals in dirt from tulip.

The eyes are Sunrise eyes in Deep Green from Ikon.

Hands and feet by SLink.

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