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The Mystery of the Crow

The Mystery of the Crow

The crow carries a certain mystery about it. Some of the symbolic meanings of the crow are: trickster, higher perspective, life magic, and being fearless. I see intelligence, adaptability, and mischievous. Whatever the perspective, the crow can bring a sense of unease when in close proximity. Do they know more than we think they do??

Now, on with my outfit! 🙂

Finesmith is having an in-store pumpkin hunt and I am showing 2 of the items here. Each pumpkin costs 50L but they are well worth it! First, the Disappear bodysuit makes a very nice frame for a belly piercing. It’s shiny and silver and looks great! The SLink nail appliers are also in the hunt. There are a while bunch of textures to choose from, for finger and toe nails.

My hair is from ViVi Hair. This is Jackie and is from the Halloween gift pack complete with 5 colours and matching hair bases. Drop in and pick it up before it’s gone!

The Noir Cat necklace is in the current round of The Dressing Room Fushion. It’s from Izzie’s and is HUD controlled for different colours.

A new round has begun at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The very pretty Scarabeus hand chain is available there from FORMANAILS. It comes in lots of colours to choose from and is worn with the SLink elegant hands.

The belly piercing is from TEMPESTUOUS. What says Halloween more than BOO!

The earrings are the Flower Scorpian Claw, gold from Maxi Gossamer.

The Octopus tattoo is from Vestigium.

The Sierra heels in night/gold were on sale for FLF at Mango Cheeks. A nice simple black shoe that works with anything.

The eyeshadow is Orange from the Autumn pack at Izzie’s. The lips are Twine from the May Lipcolor fatpack from [mock].

The eyes are Wood from the Spring eyes pack from ~By Snow~.

I have the Delphine , bare skin in honey from Lumae.

And what would this post be without the crows!! I found this pack of poses and props on MP from Axix. I was so excited to see crow featured in a pack of poses!!

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