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Halloween 2014

Hallowen 2014

I’m keeping it pretty simple this year! I got looking through past gacha items I have and came across this costume. This is the Bumble Bee costume, RARE from BoOgErs from the September 2013 round of the Arcade Gacha Event. The costume includes the headband I happened to have the hive to go along with it, which has 3 poses with it! So here I am! I have a stinger….and I know how to use it!

I took this opportunity to wear the incredible Super Thigh boots from HOC Industries. The texture of them is so supple! They are HUD controlled with lots of textures.

I chose the Eva hair from Mina for the costume! This is from the black & whites pack. I figured what bee wouldn’t want great hair!

The body suit is the PVC Suit from SN@TCH. Gotta love PVC!! BTW….there is a huge sale at SN@TCH this weekend, so get over there!!

The lovely skin is Eliana,Bare in Icing from Lumae.

The necklace is the Sunflower Necklace from *~*Hopscotch*~*.

Backdrop by Katink from the Skies Pack 1.

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