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Burmese Proverb

Burmese Proverb

“Sparrows who emulate peacocks are likely to break a thigh!”

It’s amazing what one can learn when searching something on Google! I wanted a saying about peacocks and that’s what I found! I love it!

I want to bring your attention to the lovely Peacock SLink nail appliers from Dark Horse Style. The lovely Peacock nails is a new release and add a touch of class to any outfit! They come in a HUD with both toes and fingers for easy application. You can check them out at the main store or on Market Place.

The Obsession Sandals from lassitude & ennui, are stunning!

I’m wearing another hunt item from Ricielli. The Pandora jacket and shirt are just 15L for a little while longer before Ricielli says good bye to the old and completely revamps the sim! All the black balloons are 15L and you don’t even have to work for them!! 🙂

While I was doing the Dirty Turkey Hunt I made a stop at Ducknipple and found this great bag! The Betty Bag is HUD controlled and has a bunch of texture options. It’s good and roomy for all the stuff a girl needs with her!

I was a busy girl this weekend! While out for Lazy Sunday I made a stop at ploom and made a quick tp to the sale area. I grabbed Kassie, while I was there. This is from the browns pack!

A new round of The Liaison Collaborative is on. The {Wicked} Peach has released the Winter Harvest eye make up for it. This is option 6.

The High Waisted Denim mini is from tulip. No longer available!

The Coin Collector necklace is from League. It’s in a set with bangles and earrings.

The skin is Delphine ,bare in honey from Lumae.

The eyes are the Deep eyes in Berry from ~*By Snow*~. I’ve been wearing eyes from Snow Frostwych since I was just a noob on SL and have always loved them. The prices are insanely good with lots of 1L gifts.

The rings are the Butterfly ring in white from Izzie’s and the Gigi Shimmer bow from Maxi Gossamer.

The leg tattoo is Crow Free from Pervette. It comes with all appliers including SLink.

And last but definitely not least is the natural and charming poses from Le Poppycock! My faves!!

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