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Apocalypse Now & Then

Apocalypse Now & Then

In the desert wastelands stands a lost soul! A survivor of the worlds destruction! She is searching…searching for good deals and great fashion!

Out of the ashes comes a new round of Genre. It’s theme…Post Apocalyptic! So take some time out from your nuclear winter survival and get your bad self over to get some great fashion, from some great designers!

I am really excited about this round. I love the whole wasteland and apocalypse theme. In this post I am going to show a few items available there, I’ll be showing more in future posts. I’ll start with skin! Lumae has released Star. There is four make up versions in the pack of each tone. I’m wearing honey here with the scar option. I’m ready to kick some apocalyptic a**!

Also from Genre:
The Heavy Grunge Apocalypse Skirt from Mirage. It comes with HUD that controls 3 texture options. Even with the end of days upon us, looking sexy is a priority! 😉 Anachron has released the Cataclysm Boots at Genre! This is the Slasher version and with the armour plating I shouldn’t get any foot injuries! The Bandana in Desert from Kaithleen’s is a fun and daring top! I added some pasties underneath but I’m sure the end of the world is not a time to be modest! The poses are at Genre too! The Road Warrior pack from Nantra has 6 poses with mirrors and includes the mace. The mace is handy for those bad PMS days!

The hair is Valyra ll from ploom. The hair base tattoo is the shaved flora for black shades from adoness.

I am wearing the Generation 4 stretched ears from Aitui.

My eyes are Sunrise in Deep Green from IKON.

I took a little road trip for these pictures. The Wastelands are a great post apocalyptic community that has lots of great ruins.

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