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Homage to The Road Warrior

Homage to The Road Warrior

“Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!”

Toady, The Road Warrior

I’m ready to kick some Humungus a**! He doesn’t scare me!

Another round of an apocalyptic adventure! The latest round of Genre is all about Post Apocalypse. Lumae has released Star, Apoc that has some great make up options for the most fashionable wasteland warrior. Apoc, full dark, seen here, will make The Humungus take a second look!

Here is a look at a second texture of the Apocalypse Skirt in Heavy Grunge from Mirage and available at Genre.

I’ve got a nail bat and I know how to use it! The Betsy Nail Bat is in this round of Genre and is a great prop from Souzou Eien. It could really cause some damage!!

The Collector Earrings are from Circa. There is a ring, a necklace and the earrings all sold separately at Genre.

I’m definitely in need of a manicure. A:S:S has released the SLink Applier Dirty Nails and Fingers for Genre. The pack comes with two options and this is the Dirty Two option.

The Road Warrior poses are from Nantra and available at Genre.

There’s nothing like a Ravenskull necklace to make a girl feel feminine! It’s from lassitude & ennui.

These boots look like I stole them from some guy while he was sleeping. They are the Beggars Boots from Death Row Designs. They are HUD controlled with all kinds of options.

I have no idea why I have an ammo belt, since I have no gun, but it looks like I’m all ammo’d up!! The belt is from The Forge and was in a previous round of The Arcade Gacha Event.

And what would an Apocalyptic outfit be without a Mohawk hair do? This is Strangelove in dark brown from EMO-tions.

The Septum ring (style 15) in gold is from MONS.

The tattoos for the SLink hands are The Doubt from ReeA Tattoo.

The Butch Tank Top (filthy/sheer) is from SN@TCH. Filthy and sheer go great together!! 😉

My eyes are Crazy for you, black from Umedama Holic. (no longer available)

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