What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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Watch….Hey…Watch….Hey….Look At Me!!

Watch....Hey...Watch....Hey....Look At Me!!

Yea…you over there, look over here! These aren’t the easiest things to do but I’m an ace at juggling cupcakes and pouring butterfly tea! I need to protect my fair skin when I’m out and about so this parasol comes in handy! The A La Folie pose and prop set is one of the newest at Le Poppycock, just go upstairs and look on your left and the whole set is there!

While I’m doing these incredible stunts I’m wearing some pretty nice stuff!

The Sonia Tutu and the Leather Corset in red are both from SN@TCH.

The Abuk necklace in rustic gold is from Bokeh.

I have the Generation 4 ears from Aitui on. There are so many options that are HUD controlled for these ears!

The Ragnarok Clogs are from Eudora 3D. I love these clogs!

I have on Evie,cream, Electron.  Lovely skin as always!

I have the Boys & Girls #42 in woodbark from Dura on. It’s low maintenance and can take the strain of these acitvities! 😉

The Maya Sun Goddess rings are from Maxis Gossamer and the Dirtee Septum/nose piercing is from HollyWeird. The Black Leather Bow Bracelet is from Heartistic.

Hands & feet by SLink.

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