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What?? No Fashionably Dead @ the Arcade???

What?? No Fashionably Dead @ the Arcade???

If you’re like me, you looked through the shopper’s guide for this round of the Arcade and saw no fd! Well, fear not, located just inside the main store’s door there’s a new gacha! Party Animals is available now thanks to Toast Bard putting in some extra time to finish them up, even without making the Arcade deadline! I gave it a go and landed the wearable sloth! Now if only I can get that sitting Elephant!

I kept the outfit pretty simple what with the sloth on my back!

The Stars Tunic and Leggings are from [dirty.little.secret] and is available at the December round of Fashion Wardrobe. You’ll also find some really nice festive furniture there all priced between $50-100L. Plus a free gift to boot!

Odette from Lumae has a new look! Fondant is available in two tones to help celebrate the anniversary of Cleavage! I’m wearing Caramel tone (Latte is also available)and is $100L for the duration of the event which runs through to January 1st. There’s a huge list of designers helping to celebrate the anniversary and Lumae is one of them!

The Helsinki boots are from Baiastice! They look great but they aren’t the best in snow, but luckily in SL it really doesn’t matter! 🙂

One of my favourite hair is Boys & Girls 42 from Dura!!

Poses by Axix and flowey.

The eyes are from Umadema Holic and no longer available.

Hands by SLink.

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