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Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Another Sunday has rolled around! I don’t know how the week can go by so fast, but with Lazy Sunday here again it makes it worthwhile to drag yourself out of bed early and get some low lag SL time!

Lumae has given everyone a very good reason to get up and get out shopping today! For 48 hours starting this morning Star and Alaska, Bare are on sale for $75L per tone. The bare version makes the options for adding make up unlimited. So this is one stop you have to make to get in on the deal! You’ve got 48 hours…..GO!

Hudson’s is bringing some sparkles into your life with the Flaired Mini with colour and sparkle HUD. It’s a pretty short skirt but thankfully there is a pair panties in the pack so don’t forget to put them on!

Dark Horse Style has released five new SLink nail appliers at the new round of Retail Therapy! I’m wearing the green from the Holday Gold pack.

I’m showing off the Loose Ends, male/unisex pack of poses from Le Poppycock and available at The Chapter Four.

Th sweater is the Favourite Sweater (this is the rust version) from Just a Girl! It’s cozy and warm so I can see why it’s the favourite!

If you haven’t heard by now, Truth Hair is having a half-off sale until December 15. I was there a couple days ago and it was packed! But with half off it was well worth fighting the crowds for! I grabbed a few including this one, called Tom. The thing about Tom is there’s a female version in the pack! I think they’re both great! 🙂

The Strap Boots in brown for the SLink high feet are from Ricielli.

The Pearl Stud Earrings are from Earthstones.

Potpourri Designs is participating in the Homestuff path of the Megastuff Hunt that’s on now and running until January 5. The Stone Leaf Fireplace behind me is the gift for it. It’s partial mesh and has an LI of 5 prims. The logs are turned on/off by touching them. A mantel is a pretty important thing to have coming up to Christmas!

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