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A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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Fashion = Comfort


I’m not a fashion expert! I know what I like to wear, and it’s well know that if a person feels good in what they wear they’ll look good too! Whether it’s applied to RL or Sl it’s true for both. So for me, one of the most important factors is comfort! To be able to look good AND be comfortable is the most perfect of fashions!

When looking at this outfit I came to the conclusion that the best attribute to it is how comfy it looks! The Manteau with shirt from =Zenith= personifies comfort and fashion! This is one of two, both rare, available at the Arcade Gacha Event. The Manteau comes with a matching Beatles bag. So, may the gacha gods be with you and bless you with the RARE!

The very cool Leather & Beads Gecko necklace from .:Glint:. is the gift for The Candy Cane Hunt on now until December 25. So grab a friend and get looking!

I’m wearing one of the latest releases from Argrace. Hiiraga in Dark Brown is very feminine and comes with the colour change bow. Pretty, pretty!

I’m wearing the Wanderlust boots in duo-tone from lassitude & ennui. These are one of my faves!

I love a pair of leggings that tuck in boots and are comfortable. These are the Merino leggings from League!

The ever pretty Star, bare skin in Latte from Lumae is shown here.

The make up is the Shimmery & Smoke eye shadow from KOSH.

Poses by Label Motion.

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