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Le Poppycock @ The Liaison Collaborative

Le Poppycock @ The Liaison Collaborative

I’m going to get right to business today! The Liaison Collaborative starts today and I’m so excited to show you the new gacha poses and props from Le Poppycock! The *Peace* Gacha is full of poses with accompanying woodland creatures. This is a perfect set for making some perfect Christmas scenes!

Along with Le Poppycock, I can show you a few other great items there! The Cavalry Boots from !APHORISM! are a picture of perfection! These are in brown. You’ll be seeing these again!

And….also at The Liaison Collaborative is the Flake Sweater from Fishy Strawberry. This is in off-white and comes in a whole whack of colours!

The {Wicked} Peach is at TLC too! This is option 5 of the Blizzard eye make up. The Blizzard set has a festive glimmer to them!

This hat and hair set is a FREE! gift from Argrace! There’s a choice of male or female and all the hair HUDS are in the pack so there is no shortage of options!

The Gemmed Snowflake & Bells necklace and earrings are the hunt prize for the Silent Night Hunt going on over at .:Glint:..

The Delphine, bare in Latte skin is from Lumae.

The jeans are Dana 76 from DECOY.

I was at Serentity Falls Garden, Stormy Cove for these shots!

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