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It’s Snowing in My Necklace!

It's Snowing in My Necklace!

It’s not a blizzard, just a little flurry so far! 🙂 But it’s my own personal flurry! I scored the Snowfall necklace, gold,RARE at the HASTE gacha at this round off The Liaison Collaborative. They’re all really pretty so even if you don’t get the rare it’s not a disappointment at all! Another gacha item over there is the Peace pose and props gacha from Le Poppycock. They include some incredible wildlife props with the great poses that Le Poppycock always does!

The cute wintery top is the Shiny Snowflakes top in silver from Preptopia. It comes in five colours and adds a snowy touch to an outfit! With all these flakes I’m going to need my snow shovel soon!

You have to make a trip over to Livalle(formerly L.Warwick) to grab the new group gift! The Elation-Platform Heels in Festive Frost are available to group members for free, just put your tag on and click!

You can see a little bit of a new Package SLink nail appliers from SN@TCH. They are a new release and come with toe and finger HUDS and have a whole lotta colours!

Don’t forget to get out there and take advantage of the advent calenders around the grid! The Kittycats advent calender is over at EMO-tions and has some great stuff! This Analog Dog holiday freebie hair, Angel, comes with three colours including hairbases and is one of the many items. If you don’t get over there every day, don’t worry! It’s one gift per person but you can get all previous gifts that you may have missed!

The pants are the Bad Girl Leather Mesh Pants from GAS.

I’m wearing the Delphine,bare skin in Latte from Lumae.

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