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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys!

Not My Circus, Not My Monkey!

I wanted to have a blog post with a circus theme and ended up with a Polish Proverb! These are words to live by!

The Merry Crisis Gacha Fair is on and I have a couple things here that are available there! The top is one of seven(6 common, 1 rare) in this gacha from ***baci village***. This is Concubine!

Also available are the Belt Pants from +REDRUM+. These are the Carnivale, Dirty,RARE. You’ll get one of eight(6 common, 2 rare) when you give it a try, I lucked out and got the dirty ones!

Since I’m already packing ammo, I thought I’d add a gun to the outfit! Luckily Tameless has a handy gun holster available with the Forbidden outfits!

While hair shopping I found a new-to-me shop! **Venus** has some really nice styles to choose from! I picked Atenea, this from the reds pack!

I found the fishnet gloves on Market Place from TAOX TATTOO. They are for the SLink hands and have eight colours in the pack!

The shoes are the Ragnarok Clogs from Eudora 3D.

The eye shadow is verdigris from the Dark Style eyeshadow from KOSH. The Roman lip colour from the Opal pack is from MOCK Cosmetics.

The necklace is the FLower Scorpion CLaw from Maxi Gossamer.

The Delphine,bare skin in Latte is from Lumae!

Poses by slouch.

I found the Rainy Alley to take the shots at!

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