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Fancy Feathers and Other Goodies!

Fancy Feathers and Other Goodies!

This is a really busy collage this time around so I’m going to get right to all the particulars!

The feature of this one is the incredible Soyala Mohawk and the Littus eyes, both from Adoness! They are both exclusive to Frost, the annual fashion fair hosted by Depraved Nation. The mohawk comes in five colours and they all have matching earrings with them! I put the shaved flora hairbase for black shades with the mohawk, also from Adoness. The Littus eyes are available in six colours, this being Teal Dream. Frost runs until January 3, 2015!

The lovely shoes are the Jaana shoes, for the SLink high feet, from Rowena’s Designs. They have such interesting lines and a unique look!

Hello Dave is now participating in Lazy Sunday and I dropped in for the special this past Sunday. The December Sunday pack is right full of festive designs of all colours!

Another item available at Frost is this Mini Jacket from even.flow. It’s a form fitting little number that could go with anything!

I have added a touch of Egyptian to the outfit with the Egyptian Eyes, eyeliner and eyeshadow make up from Oddfish Studios. This is available at the new round of Genre which is celebrating The Ancients with all kinds of goodies! And all $100L or less!

The other part of my eye make up is from the Blizzard pack from The {Wicked} Peach and available at The Liaison Collaborative!

I have Delphine, bare skin in Cream from Lumae on!

The Celine Pencil skirt in silver is from Valentina E.

The little Suspect Latex Bustier in black is from SN@TCH.

One of my favourite tattoos is Pretty Birds from Aitui.

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