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Diamonds & Dots

Diamonds & Dots

I don’t think I’m the only woman who likes shopping and sales! The weekend is the time for grabbing that note card and doing the rounds of the 60L Weekends sale! I’m happy to add that Dark Horse Style is now participating! There are 2 packs to nab, the Snowy Dots and Silver Diamonds. Each pack has six colour options on one easy-to-use HUD! One can never have too many nail appliers!

I’m exposing way more skin that I’m used to but I couldn’t resist this dress from LUAS! This is the Nekane dress in purple and is super feminine with a little frill and showing off all the right stuff!

And speaking of skin! This is Alaska, Mulled Wine in honey! This is part of the group gift for SL F&O from Lumae! The gift has both Honey and Cocoa tones, just wear your SL F&O tag and grab it!!

These wonderfully textured shoes are the Weston Pumps from Eudora 3D. I just love them!!

I managed to get into Analog Dog for their great hair give away. I scooped up all 6 of the free hair before they had even rezzed and took my loot home to try! This is Mash from the light browns pack!

I’ve been dropping in at Maxi Gossamer Accessories to check out the half off sale and I came across this collection I just couldn’t live without! 😉 The La Cerlique collection is in both silver and gold and has bangles, rings, arm cuffs, and earrings! The whole shebang is half off! I almost felt like I was stealing!

I found this little motel at Sandalphon!

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