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When One Just Isn’t Enough

When One Just Isn't Enough!

Some things in life are just better when there’s more! Why have just one doughnut when there’s two available? Why have just one pet…when you have space and time for two? Why just have one pair of shoes…when the options are endless when there’s more? Second Life is no different! More is better!

Let me explain! A new release from ::KRALUS:: is out and it comes with the Back to Basics Mini skirt, Combat boots, and not just one sweater…but four!! Yes…four colour options for the Back to Basics sweater included in the SerentityV2 outfit! Along with each sweater comes matching socks to go with the boots and also a pair of tintable socks comes with the boots! The colour options for the sweater are purple(seen here), red, blue and green. You can go to the in-world store or check it out on MarketPlace. And the whole outfit is at the low price of $100L! Don’t just wear it….Live It!

It’s Sunday….so it’s the last day of the 60L Weekend Sale! Dark Horse Style has two SLink nail applier packs available for the low price! This is Dotty and has six colour options with both mani and pedi on one HUD! Get over there to take advantage of it! No one cares if you’re still in your pj’s with no make up!! 🙂

This hair from booN is LLR726 and is a subscriber gift! There are several other gifts at the in-world store and all complete colour packs, so it’s well worth the trip over there!

The tattoo is Daisies from Vestigium! There are enough options in this pack to make it work for anyone!

Poses are by Le Poppycock.

The make up is from Izzie’s, MOCK Cosmetics and DeeTaleZ.

Photos taken at Beyond the Mists and Cariad!

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