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Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind

A new event has just started and this one is not to be missed! Leaf on the Wind is an event to raise money for Scarlet Chandrayaan, owner of Allouette, who is battling another round of cancer, and longs to make a trip to London! The All Things London theme is in all the items available from a variety of great designers with a percentage of sales going to raise money.

I have made a couple trips to Leaf on the Wind and I’ll be showing you some of them in the next few posts. Today, I have on the Swinging London Mod-Big Ben dress from Anachron. This dress donates 100% to help out the cause! There is also auction/bid boards running for the duration with special deals, the winners will be announced during a DJ event on the last day. Leaf on the Wind runs until January 31. Click here for a list of the participating designers.

It’s Saturday again and that means new deals for the 60L Weekend Sales. Dark Horse Style has two nail packs for that price until midnight Sunday. This is one from the Miscelaneous 3 pack.

These great boots are the Desperately Wanting Boots in black from Mishmash Fusion. They are for the SLink high feet and come in eight solid colours and eight floral. Since I was visiting there this morning, I took my shots for this post there! 🙂

This hair is adorable and it’s a group gift from +elau+ and available at -SOU-, which runs until January 15.

The tattoo on my feet is Little Birds3 from .inhale..

My make up consists of Soft Suede Jade eye shadow from Atia’s and Puce lip colour from the Opal pack from MOCK Cosmetics.

The skin is Delphine, bare in Honey from Lumae.

Poses by slouch.

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