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Soaring with the Horses

Soaring with the Horses

I was out and about this morning chillin’ with friends of the equine variety! I love the sunshine and the crisp winter air along with the sound of softly nickering horses! Since I’m a farm girl, I feel right at home out and about with the animals! It’s a good thing there wasn’t an angry bull out there though, running in snow in high heels might have been my demise!

I stayed warm on this outing with the help of the Ponchi Poncho Cape from Tashi! It’s HUD controlled with six solid and six striped colour options. I love the collar on it that frames the face nicely!

The heels I’m wearing, on the SLink high feet, are the Plaid Strapped Pumps from Fission.

The nice and shiny SLink nail appliers are from the VIP’s Combo pack from Hello Dave.

The hair from Dura is Boys & Girls 22 in black.

The pants are Dana 76 from DECOY.

The skin is Delphine, bare in Latte from Lumae.

Poses are from Katink.

I found the lovely horses at Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest.

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