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Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears

The simple word “free” is like music to my ears! Who doesn’t like free? Most people will stand in line and wait or go out of their way for something free! The great thing in SL is there’s no line ups, getting somewhere is as simple as a click and the term free, means exactly that! You won’t be paying in some other way! When I’m out shopping I’ll pick up a freebie any chance I get! So today is a good day to drop over to Eyelure and pick up the free gift there! The capri sweats and sport tee look great! Sometimes a girl just has to kick back and relax!

While I lounge I like to have a friend to hold, so today it’s the Puggles, Sheep, RARE from Birdy. It was from a previous round of the Arcade Gacha Event.

I brought out another of my favourite Aeva/Heartsick(now Lumae) skins today along with SLink appliers available now for them! This is Lumi in Tone 3.

Also from a previous round of the Arcade is the Lory hair in Chocolate from Wasabi Pills.

The SLink nail appliers are real beauties from alaskametro. The link is to MP where you can find a whole bunch of very reasonalby priced nail packs!

The poses are from my Urban Sexy Chic AO from Vista Animations.

I may look at home, but this house is all fixed up over at Just Another Tequila Sunrise,Isle of Love. The scenery is gorgeous and the house is there to take some great indoor shots!

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