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All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go!

All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go!

Since I started SL I’ve enjoyed putting together outfits! Early on I’d find an outfit I really liked then not know what to do once I had it done! So, I’d go dancing or shopping, but it still felt like there should be more to it! I started just taking simple pictures of them and posting them in flickr, which was great! But I felt that I couldn’t apply to designers as a blogger, and I wished I could! Last fall I decided to take the plunge and start a blog, and so far I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! I’m so fortunate to work with some incredible designers and I feel very lucky to be part of the preview group, We Love To Blog! In my humble opinion, there’s lots of great outfits and photography being done with the emphasis on flickr posts and no blog involved. There are some designers that look for photographers that post on flickr, but I’d like to see more! Then photographers can apply for blogger status and help spread the word!

Now on with the show!

I’m going to start with the dress! It’s the lovely Lush Dress from **Bonetto Style**. The flouncing skirt can be included or not, depending on your preferences! The flounce is my favourite part! 🙂

The shoes are the Liz shoe in black/silver from !Vivace! and fit the SLink high feet! They have great texture and are available at Feeb’s Rascals Sales Room until February 1st.

The very classy nails are from the Clara pack from Pathos. The Clara pack has 38 options and all are rich, shiny SLink nail goodness!

The pretty necklace behind the nails is the Square Ruby N Silver necklace from Hudson’s Clothing CO.. The jewel set contains earrings, necklace and ring and can be resized!

The hair is Olinda from the dark browns pack from Truth Hair.

The skin is Lumi, bare, Tone 3 from Aeva/Heartsick(now Lumae). The lips are the butterscotch option from the Neutral Pout Lip pack also from Aeva.

Eye shadow and beauty mark from ATIA’s.

Poses are from the Stands 350-359 by !bang.

I found the lovely scene behind me at PINOY HIDEOUT.

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