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I Didn’t Know That!

I Didn't Know That!

I’ll admit I’ve seen the word “jeggings” for some time and have never known what the heck that is! So since I’m wearing them I had to turn to google to find out! Gad…I think I’m getting old!

I really like this unique look from Loordes of London! The jacket and jeggings are sold separately and available at fi* Friday Outlet Center. Loordes of London has a whole bunch of stuff there and each item is 55L! These are the Ianova Jacket and Jeggings #17.

This great hair is from the Dark Brown pack of F1 from .Liquence..

I’ve brought out Arielle in Tone 4 from Aeva/Heartsick(now Lumae). A bunch of the Aeva/Heartsick line of skins now have appliers for Omega, SLink Physique plus hands & feet, Lush, TMP, AMD Baby Bump, and Puffy’s.

The shoes are the Weathered Leather Sandals in Dirt from tulip.

Poses by flowey.

Today I walked the opposite way at PINOY HIDEOUT and found this ship!

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