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Manly Yes…..But I Like it Too!

Manly Yes.....But I Like it Too!

This one’s for all the men out there! I’m sure most of us have created an alt in the opposite sex! I have and believe me it’s not easy being a man in a woman’s world! Last time I tried my hand at it I had a heck of a time finding great stuff for men at a reasonable price!

Going on right now and until January 31 is the Men Only Hunt! All the hints,tips and locations are on the website!.
Le Poppycock is participating in the hunt so make sure to stop in and grab the gift!! Also, I’m showing three pose props here that are at Men Only Monthly from Le Poppycock! There are ten available so give it a go and see which one you get! There is both wearable and rezzable chairs in the sets so you can sit even when in a no rezz sim!

This suit isn’t a part of the hunt but it is available at [PHUNK]! The Men’s Tweed Suit set comes as a complete outfit including the wingtip shoes! The jacket and pants have four HUD controlled colours, the shirt has twelve and the tie has twenty! The wingtips have eight colour options, also HUD controlled! It’s available in-world or on MP!

The Minato hair from Argrace looks great for either a man or a woman!

The skin is Delphine,Minx in Honey from Lumae!

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