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Pretty Purple Paisley

Pretty Purple Paisley

It’s Saturday again! I have no idea where the days go but it seems like they just fly by! I was hoping to get this post up this morning, but a power outage took care of that! Nothing good ever comes from rain in January in Western Canada! 🙂

This outfit from ::KRALUS:: is the Bohemian Chic V2 in Purple Paisley! The BoHo look is free spirited and feminine and tells the world to just kick back and relax! I love how the shoes(for the SLink mid feet) are included in the outfit! I don’t have to worry about finding something to match!

It’s almost February and with that brings Valentine’s Day! It’s not to early to find some great stuff for the day! Dark Horse Style has two packs available for the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale! This pink heart is in the Valentine Set 1! The sale only runs until midnight Sunday! After that they’ll be regular price!

This hair is a new release from Tameless! This is Callie, a soft casual look just right for weekend relaxation!

The skin is Larnia Tone 3, Vintage Gloss from Aeva/Heartsick(now Lumae).

The Silver Galaxy necklace from [Fetch] is so delicate! It’s has a colour change gem!

The “I Like Turtles” belly tattoo is from HollyWeird.

Poses are from Bounce This!

I’m at PINOY HIDEOUT for these shots! 🙂

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