What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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OMG………Call 911

OMG.......Call 911

I found out SL doesn`t have a 911 system!! 😛 But I needed some help over the weekend when I came home to find a home invasion in progress! I was out doing some shopping and came home to some guy…with a dog…..running around erratically, doing flips and jumps! On my own lawn! When I told him to leave he spoke something in Russian and then stood around! He did eventually leave…but it took quite a few indignant “Get Out”‘s on my part! Within 10 minutes another guy showed up and did the same thing….but he only took one Get Out to get the hint! What’s with people these days! Sheesh!

Oh well….I don’t think I need any more therapy than I did before the incident! 🙂 Now, on with why I’m here!

I have a couple items of note here! The Adele Oversize Sweater in Mint from -CH- Store is a great go-to top for those winter days that tend to make lethargy a full time occupation! And, another item with comfort in mind is the Dark Dove Leggings from [d.l.s]dirty.little.secret. The main store is closed right now, but, going until January 31 is the New Years Resolution Cart Sale and these leggings along with tons of other [d.l.s] items are there! You can check out the cart sale info here!

I was over at Argrace yesterday and picked up a couple January releases! This is Sae in midnight from the Blacks pack!

The SLink nail appliers are from the Miscellaneous Set 3
from Dark Horse Style!

The lovely Evoke Platform Boots are from Livalle! These are in Pearl!

The skin is Arielle in Tone 4 from Aeva/Hearsick(now Lumae). Lumae is having a 75% off sale now! All the skin lines from Lumae are on sale! The group tag is needed for the sale price but the group is free to join!

The earring is Little Sparrow from Maxi Gossamer Accessories!

Poses by Le Poppycock!

The pics were taken at PINOY HIDEOUT!

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