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Hey Man……I’m Hip…I’m Hip

Hey Man...I'm Hip...I'm Hip!

The long awaited Hipster Fair has begun and holy…is it ever HUGE! I was in looking around this morning and it’s quite the hike to get all around it and see it all! Well, as much as I could before RL came calling! 🙂

B!ASTA is participating in the The Hipster Fair with exclusives from La Gazza Ladra! I’m waring the At The Crossroads skirt and long sleeve top in emerald! The unique hemline of the skirt can really show off a great pair of legs!

This hair is also exclusive to the fair! Aila is from Tukinowaguma and is from Colour Pack 1! Pack 1 has 22 textures to choose from, ranging from golds to dark browns!

The SLink nail applier is also at the Hipster Fair! This is Grey Glitter, RARE from Toxic High! The gacha has six commons and four rare! I lucked out!!

When I’m in a quandary about what shoes to wear I know I can go to the Glamistry folder and come out with the right one! Galla is the winner today! Galla is compatible with SLink, Belleza and The Mesh Project!

I like the Beth skin so much I couldn’t bare to part with it! Beth is the latest release from Lumae!

Poses are from marukin!

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