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February is upon us and with that comes all kinds of warm, fuzzy, loving thoughts! Or, the other side of love, the heartbreak, the sense of loss and thinking the world will never look as shiny again! Oh well, better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved before! [I guess it might depend on who you loved and lost! 🙂 ]

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt has started and I’m showing two hunt prizes here today! I’ll start with the pose props from Le Poppycock! There are three pose prop “Unhinged”suitcases in the gift, all with the incredibly natural and thoughtful poses that I love about Le Poppycock!

Also participating in the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt is Lumae! The Star line of skin is all dressed up for the hunt with this make up, in Latte tone! Have I mentioned that Lumae skins come with a shape?

The Hipster Fair 2015 is going on right now and Fi’s Creations has released the Downtown Skirt exclusively at the fair. This is the Greys denim skirt and the HUD comes with all kinds of skirt colour options!

The Valentine Necklace from *[Meshed Up]* is an exclusive at the With Love Fair that begins on February 6.

The shoes are Selene in black from Bushu. They are for the SLink high foot!

The hair is Sugar Rush from Wasabi Pills in chocolate tone!

The top is the Smokin Ace Corset top from SN@TCH!

I took these pictures while I was out shopping at Eudora 3D.

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