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Times Past

Times Past

I’m sure everyone comes to a point in their life that reflections on the past are sad! Heck…just the fact that time has passed is sad! That’s just the way life is! As long as it’s not dwelling on the past, I think it adds to a persons life to reflect on the past and ponder what was learned and how that shaped the person of today!

Today I’m just looking at the present…..and speaking of presents…Lumae has a new Group Gift out! 🙂 Joining the group is free so anyone can take advantage of a super great skin! There is also a new SL F&O group gift out!  This is Star, Heartache and it comes in four tones, this is Icing! I look pretty darn sad!

This vintage dress is Patti from Irrie’s Dollhouse! It’s HUD controlled with eight colour options! It’s a real cutie! 🙂

The hair is Esther from EMO-tions! This is Autumn tone from the browns pack!

I picked these shoes up at The Dressing Room Fusion! They are Lucifer Bow from Ricielli. They come in a pack of seven colours and are compatible with TMP and SLink high feet.

The great sitting area is from Kaerri and is available as separates at the ‘stuff Lounge. The theme this time around is Africa and with all the great Zebra prints…including the actual zebra, it’s not hard to feel like you’re on a safari!

I added a bit of eye shadow from the Fall pack from Izzie’s.

The pose is from Tea Soup.

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