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Achieving Peace!

Achieving Peace

Through life, one of the biggest battles of an individual is finding inner peace! Yea…inner peace! That’s a term that a lot of people probably associate with some kind of hippy dippy free love kind of thing, but really, what does anyone have without it! I’ve seen a few years come and go and with time certain things in life become clear! What used to be dire, life changing moments were merely tiny blips to get over! The question I used to ask myself was, “Will this matter in ten years?” The answer was usually “no”! Of course everyone has trials to get through…..that’s just what life is! The trick is to stand back up, look in the mirror and smile, because you’re still standing as strong as ever! It’s not about forgetting the past…it’s about finding peace with it and admire your own strength for getting over it!

That’s just my thought for the day! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming! 🙂

A new round of Genre is going strong with the theme, Dark Arts! I have some very pretty skin to show you from Lumae. Alaska, Arcane is available in four tones and each one is $100L for the duration of the event, this is Honey shown here. Appliers incuded are The Mesh Project head appliers, Nyam Nyam lip appliers, Loud Mouth appliers, Omega Head appliers and all the usual skin / eyebrow options.

This lovely chunk of beauty around my neck is the Tendrae Necklace from .Things.. It comes in gold, silver and black metals with each metal having seven gemstone choices in the pack!

I made a trip to The Instruments yesterday and came across this lovely hair from Tukinowaguma! “Taffy” comes with two options in the pack, this is option A from Coulour Pack 1. The Instruments runs until February 28!

I picked up the Gladiator Dress from Pixicat during their sale and am glad I did! I could accessorize with a sword and shield and take on any enemy close by! 🙂

Shoes are the Homard Heels from David Heather.

Tattoo by Pervette.

Poses are by !bang!

I took these shots at Hazardous!

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