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Biker’s Choice Fair

Biker's Choice Fair

I am SO excited that I’m going to be a blogger for the Biker’s Choice Fair! Starting on March 10, the Biker’s Choice Fair will have exclusive item’s from some of the finest designers in Second Life! Stay tuned here for more information and see some of the great items that will be available!

Check out this list of participating designers!

Catwa, Melak Fashion, AVALE, 1 Hundred, LaVian & Co., *Stars*Fashion*, Stitched, K-CODE, ArisAris/B&W, Shey, Bee Designes, M. Law, BODY FACTORY, [Cynful] Clothing & Co., LE FORME, Blueberry, Delirium Style, KITJA, SPIRIT, ND/MD, :::insanya:::, K E L I N I, ODDITY, FLRN DESIGN, ..::[P&W]::.., Tabou Irresistible, Celestinas Weddings, Mundos

I can’t wait!! 🙂

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