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The Best Day

The Best Day

Well, it’s the weekend and there’s so much to look forward to on this cold but sunny morning! March is getting closer, which to me is the month when spring starts to seem like it might happen! It’s a long ways off here, but at least the days are getting longer! But, one of the best things about this particular Saturday is that’s its the 21st of the month! In RL that doesn’t really have any special meaning, but in SL it’s a whole different story! The 21 Shoe Event is on today so it’s time to get up…..throw on some duds and boogie to get started on the shoe buying spree! I’m excited to be wearing Glamistry‘s offering! There’s two new and exclusive gradient textures for the Nemesia Ankle Boots and you get both for one price! This is shoe shopping like it’s meant to be! 🙂

And still thinking of a weekend just beginning, the Sixty Linden Weekend has started so you may as well make a day of it with lots of great stuff on sale for $60L. Dark Horse Style has two SLink nail applier sets available for the weekend at this price! I’m wearing the grey option from the Glitter in the Middle, Darks pack!

Melak Fashion is the maker of this lovely dress! This is Sando and included with the dress are the earrings and ring! The picture doesn’t capture the real glimmer and beauty they have!

I love a stylish short hairstyle, so when I saw Selma at Catwa, I knew this was one for me! I love the delicate whisps in the front that frame the face so perfectly! I’ll be wearing this one a lot!

I was out eye shopping the other day and I’ve never made such an ideal mistake! I clicked and bought the wrong pack of eyes that I was wanting, but I was anything but disappointed! It’s never a mistake to get any of the great eyes from Poetic Colors! These are the Classic Vanilla Sky, bright!

The necklace is the Falling Starflake,silver, short from Maxi Gossamer Accessories.

The skin is Nima, bare in Honey from Lumae.

Poses by slouch poses!

Backdrop by Katink.

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