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Nifty Shades of Grey

Nifty Shades of Grey

I’ve not read the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, but I’ve heard all the hype about it! I can’t really have an opinion about it until I do read it, which isn’t very likely, so I’ll hold all comments and opinions I may have about the book and/or movie at this time! I reserve the right to return to this topic at any point in the future! 🙂

I was inspired by Hello Dave for this post! As a VIP member of Hello Dave I’m always excited to see what the weekly gift will be! This past week “25 Shades of Dave” was the gift, and it doesn’t disappoint! There’s all kinds of greys…..gradient grey, grey tending towards blue, sparkly grey, light grey, dark grey and everything in between! Who says grey is boring?

I dropped in at lassitude & ennui for the 21 Shoe Event and fell in love! The lovely Lucy heels were available in black and rose for the event so I grabbed them up! I should never browse while I’m there as I always get more than I intended, but I couldn’t walk away from the Mystic Dress! It’s something to behold!

Since I’m a fan of short hair I’m always on the lookout! I came across Sudden from Magika on Market Place and couldn’t resist!

The bangles are from the Marbella set and the necklace is the Lovecatcher Heart, both from Maxi Gossamer Accessories.

The skin is the lovely Delphine, bare in Honey from Lumae.

Poses from Marukin.

I took these pictures at the Reign,Flite,Reckless,Chary sim!

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