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T Minus Two Days

T Minus Two Days

The Biker’s Choice Fair begins in two days and this is going to be a good one! Here are a few offerings that will be there!

The Rockista Dress from Melak Fashion is an exclusive to the event. The intricate detail on this dress is incredible! It fits perfectly and has just enough attitude to make anyone look surly and aloof! The Rock It boots are also an exclusive from ::MF:: that will be there. They’re HUD controlled with six texture options!

This hair has been much anticipated since the first glimpse of it appeared on the BCF posters. This is Rockstar from Catwa! This hair has all the options, it has rigged and unrigged, it has a mesh hair base and the absolutely incredible physics that gives it that bounce! This is a must have!

I’m not a smoker in RL….never have been! But I couldn’t resist having a cigarette to go with this outfit! I went straight to the best designer for this bad habit in SL. The Classic Cigarette from NikotiN is something every smoker in SL should have. It’s HUD controlled with choice of smoke, where it comes from(including ears, of all things) and you can whip out the pack and a lighter and flawlessly light a new one! You can even chain smoke, for those high stress days!

The jewelry is all from Maxi Gossamer! The Alexa Black Choker in black pearls, Black Dare Bangles, and the Paris Weekend earrings.

The skin is Delphine,bare in Latte from Lumae with the addition of make up from MOCK Cosmetics.

The eyes are the black swan, medium, bright from Poetic Colors.

The poses are from the Blow Smoke poses and prop set from WetCat. If you don’t have your own cigarette there are props to use in the pack!

I took these pictures at the Brotherhood of Bikers sim.

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