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When Life Gives You Lemons……

When Life Gives You Lemons……

Life threw some lemons at me yesterday…but man did I make good lemonade! The lemons were my old computer not working! The lemonade….ahhh…a nice new computer with great graphics! I had been thinking of upgrading, but I just couldn’t do it with my old computer still working fine. But yesterday, when I turned it on, I knew there was something wrong. I pondered getting it fixed but sometimes that is just money down the drain. So I promptly went shopping and voila…here I am!

I did a retake of my pics for this post featuring .::Supernatural::. at the Biker’s Choice Fair. The Pitty skirt, corset and heels(for the SLink high feet), all come in five textures and make a cute, albeit chilly, outfit! I have on the gold skirt and black corset and heels. 🙂

The skin is Delphine,bare in Latte from Lumae.

The Abouk necklace in rustic gold is from Bokeh..

The tattoo is Daisies from Vestigium.

The Tantrum hair in milk chocolate is from Analog Dog.

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