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Shiny and Happy

Shiny and Happy!

My top is shiny, and I’m happy. ‘Nuff said! 🙂

Once in awhile a girl needs a little shininess in her life! No…not a shiny chin or forehead, that’s just wrong! Some days just look shiny from the inside, when the appearance of the outer world is the same as always but the way we see it is different! So put your mind in the present, find some humour in whatever your circumstance and be grateful that we are all here to see the bright sky and feel the warm breeze!

I mention shiny now because I just heard that song by R.E.M and this top is a nice shiny one! This is an exclusive item from Blueberry and available at the Biker’s Choice Fair! The Arla Leather Bustier comes in twelve textures and has that lustrous shine that makes that Saturday night an event to be remembered!

Here’s another new release of the NEW generation Lumae skins available at the Skin Fair 2015. This is Jewel, Apricots in Cinnamon with dark brows! Jewel is a gorgeous collection of skins that is available in Ruby, Bare and Apricots and when purchased during the Skin Fair the price is 50% off! This is a skin to get excited about! Remember when visiting the Skin Fair 2015 there is two LM’s to visit! Skin Fair 1 and Skin Fair 2!

A new designer has joined We Love to Blog and I’m showing one of their very cool SLink nail appliers! Dark Passions Koffin Nails is participating in the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair which runs until March 31. There is a SLink machine along with a machine for Maitreya and each play is 50L$! There is five commons and two rare to play for!

An early morning trip to Aitui brought on a little shopping spree! There is two group gifts out and I picked up this little neck tat called Little Black Bird. It comes with the tattoo layer and appliers for SLink and TMP!

The pants are the Lucky Skinnies from Yasum!

The shoes are the Lianna Pumps from Eudora 3D.

The bangles and earrings are from Little Sparrow from Maxi Gossamer!

The hair is Amber in black from Analog Dog.

Eyes are Black Swan from Poetic Colors!

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