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Would You Walk a Mile in My Shoes?

Would You Walk a Mile in My Shoes?

They say no one can judge a person until they walk a mile in their shoes! Well, I invite anyone to walk a mile in these! Whether you judge me or not, I don’t mind, but just for the experience everyone should strap these babies on and talk a stroll! Owwwww sums the experience up! 🙂

This outfit is an exclusive at the Biker’s Choice Fair from Black Haus! The Code Biker boots, the Wav Jacket and the Latex Skull pants are all sold as separates and when all combined, sure make a statement! Today I just say, “Do you feel lucky, Punk?” 🙂

I just can’t get enough of the new skins from Lumae! This time around I’m showing Jewel in Pecan tone and Bare. I do have eyelashes on, but no other make up! These skins look great even on a weekend morning without the drudgery of applying the cosmetics! These are available at The Skin Fair until March 29 and sell for 50% off regular retail price! Remember to visit both, The Skin Fair 2015 1 and The Skin Fair 2015 2!

The Hammered Steel Necklace is a group gift down at Aitui right now!

The hair is Alison from EMO-tions!

Poses by Diesel Works.

I was over at the new site for The Looking Glass for the pictures.

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