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For the Love of Purple

For the Love of Purple

There isn’t many colours I don’t like! Certain colours can conjure up old memories of a time or a place or help to calm or be creative! Sometimes it’s not the colour I dislike, but it’s name! Names like puce and ecru don’t make me think warm fuzzy thoughts, neither does chartreuse or taupe! But the colour purple is one of my favourites! Whether it’s plum or lavender or lilac or eggplant, they are all beautiful to me! 🙂

This outfit from ::KRALUS:: has brought on the topic of purple! This is Lorena, and is available in chocolate or purple! The outfit includes top, pants, and shoes for the SLink mid foot. The top has really nice abstract lines and the fit is perfect!

I came across Glaze the other day while out shopping! They have a great selection of SLink nail appliers! This is from the Petal Tips pack! There is a gift out right now for the SL F & O group!

The skin is Jewel,Rosy, bare from Lumae! The Skin Fair 2015 (LM 1 and LM 2) is still going, so now is the time to stock up on all the tones of the NEW generation of Lumae skins!

The eye make up is from the Moonlight pack from The {Wicked} Peach and the lips from MOCK Cosmetics!

The Colbie hair is from TRUTH and this is from the variety pack!

The Thorn necklace in pewter is from KOSH and the La Cerlique earrings is from Maxi Gossamer Accessories!

Poses by Label Motion!

Photos taken at Ruins by Cica Ghost.

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