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First Try!

First Try

This is my first post using my newly purchased Lumipro! I first heard about it about 8 months ago and thought, “Hmmm…..but man look at the price!” Then I had a few instances of trying to take pictures on no rezz, no script land! After trying to keep my eyes under control and manually going through poses, I figured it doesn’t cost anything to go have a look. When I saw what this little piece of magic can do I was sold! I’m not a quick learner or anything but I figured if I could make the posing and eye control easier it’s worth it! But was I surprised when I could actually make the lighting work! Now, it’s not a masterpiece by any stretch but I think it looks pretty good for a first try!

So here is the outfit that is my guinea pig! I started with a new release from noname! The Keely Corsetdress is frilly with bows and lace, and has four areas to be textured with a choice of eight colour options for each area! This can look like a different dress every day of the year!

The shoes are a one day deal! The 21 Shoe Event is on today so get on over to Glamistry to grab the CALYSTEGIA Heels with two new colour options!

It’s Sixty Linden Weekends today and tomorrow and Dark Horse Style has two packs at this price! I love the Painted Pansies pack so here is another option from it! It’s all springy and bright!

The skin is Jewel,Satin, bare from Lumae! Remember the NEW generation of Lumae skins are available at The Skin Fair 2015 until March 29 at 50% off!

The hair is Sakura by Argrace! The cute little clips on the side are colour change!

The jewelry is from the Onylarra set from The Plastik.

Eye shadow by KOSH and lip colour by Aeva/Heartsick!

The poses are from Le Poppycock!

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