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Carousel of Life

Carousel of Life

Life is like a carousel! There’s up and downs and things always come back around again! Life’s carousel though doesn’t stop, it’s a perpetual ride that no one can escape! I’m going to spend my carousel ride sitting tall in the saddle, arms waving in the air and always looking ahead!

This is one of my favourite outfits! It’s a complete look and has a badass attitude! This is Rockista from Melak Fashion and is an exclusive at the Biker’s Choice Fair! Included in the outfit is the dress, boots, earrings, collar and bangles! If you’re looking for a good little girl….you’ll have to look somewhere else! 🙂

The skin is Jewel,Satin, bare from Lumae! Only six days left to get the incredible new line of skins at The Skin Fair 2015.

The hair is Andromeda in pitch black/midnight from Adoness, with the etched hare base from Aitui.

The tattoo is Guanshiyin from Collisions.

Eye shadow by MOCK Cosmetics and lip colour by Aeva/Heartsick(Now Lumae).

Poses by slouch poses.

I took the pictures at City Park-Harfax/Machine Shop.

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