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Never Be What People Expect

Never Be What People Expect

Life is full of labels and stereotypes, but don’t let yourself get caught up in assumptions! I’m Canadian…..but I don’t drive a dog sled, wear plaid all the time or say EH(not too often on that one)! So keep an open mind, don’t judge anyone, and remember to be yourself!

What I’m getting at is, just because something is labelled for a certain look…doesn’t make it one dimensional! I’ve taken the incredible Speed Jacket from K-Code, an exclusive at the Biker’s Choice Fair and made it a little bit country! This jacket comes in six colour options and is so versatile it could work with anything!

I’ve added the Cowboy Hat w/MINAMI from Argrace! This is from the blacks pack, the hat is HUD controlled with four hat colours, five hat band options and the chin strap has three options or don’t wear a strap at all! Fantastic look!

The Jewel, pearl, bare skin is from Lumae and available at The Skin Fair 2015.

The Unseelie corset in green is from SN@TCH and the Dana 76 jeans in black are from DECOY.

Poses by !bang.

Pictures taken at The Far Away.

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