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Shoes are Like…….

Shoes are Like.......

…..good friends. You can never have too many!

I have become a collector of shoes! I never thought I’d be one, but it’s really easy to become one in SL. I’m not in RL, I have what I need and don’t take any real pleasure in shopping for them. But, get me in-world, oh boy, watch me hit the stores, grabbing as many as I can! Demo? What’s that….I just buy, buy, buy!

These are going to become one of my favourites! The Jami Heels from NoName can be fun and frivolous or all business! These are available at the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair until March 31 and also at the NoName main store. There are 18 commons and one rare to play for at 75L$ per try. The commons have a HUD to control straps/vamp/trim and the rare is all colour and trim options!

The Deception top is an exclusive to the Biker’s Choice Fair from AVALE. I love the super shiny texture!

The skin is Jewel, peach,bare from Lumae and available at The Skin Fair 2015.

The very cool SLink nail appliers are from the Dark Stiletto Split from Hello Dave.

The hair is Tomorrow from Magika.

The super mini skirt is the Temple Mini is black from SN@TCH.

Poses by !bang.

Lighting by Lumipro.

Backdrop by Katink.

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