What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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I Have Not Failed……..

I Have Not Failed……..

…..I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!

Nikola Tesla

I don’t know a lot about Tesla, but he took the spirit of optimism to new heights! 🙂

It’s a steampunk kind of day today so I donned the newest release from
*[MeshedUp]*. The flask and goggles are available at the Arena Men’s Event. They come in five colours and include men’s and women’s versions. The detail is incredible with all that lovely steampunky goodness!

I just have to show off the great Air Waves male/unisex poses from Le Poppycock and available at The Chapter Four. I’m very cool and aloof! 🙂

I’m in the great Yelina shape from L’Nyn Body Shapes. Yelina is nice and shapely with a little bit of a pout going on! 🙂

The Freya hair in coffee is from Adoness. I’ve put the Ragnorok shaved hair base with it, also from Adoness.

The Steam Outlaw outfit in tan is from The Little Bat. I picked it up at an event some time ago, so not sure on it’s availability! A shopping trip to the TLB is always a fun time though!

The Jewel, bare, in Pearl tone is from Lumae.

The Raven’s Skull necklace is from lassitude & ennui.

Hands and feet by SLink.

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