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A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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Lots Going On

Lots Going On

It seems that spring brings on new energy for all things fun! The biggest sense of freedom a Canadian can feel is going without a coat! Where I am in RL it’s a cool and blustery day but there’s still frogs singing, birds busy going about their business and new sprigs of green on the ground! I believe spring has sprung!

In SL there’s also has the feel of new life and fun is in the air. There’s all kinds of hunts, fairs and sales events going on which makes for lots of shopping fun!

The Cindy Outfit from NoName is a new release and it’s a great one! It’s HUD controlled with six colour options and the pants, belt, shirt and metals can all be individually changed. It’s a unique look that can fit anyone’s style!

The Black Fashion Fair is on and it’s time to celebrate everything black! .Figure. has the Noir nail applier pack there, which is exclusive to the fair. It’s compatible with the SLink avatar enhancement hands and feet and the Omega appliers. The pack includes eight texture options.

Oh man, it’s going to be a busy weekend! The Flawless Spring Cart Sale is on and it’s one of the must-do shopping events! More Than Ever has some great deals there, including the Daisy Chain shoes. This is from the soft pack but there’s also a hot pack, each with three pairs in it. Each pack is only 50L$. They are compatible with the SLink high feet.

The skin is Adore,bare in Amber tone from Lumae!

The Tina hair in black coal is from Amacci.

The Chandraki necklace is from Earthstones.

Poses by !bang poses.

Pictures taken at Roche.

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