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Coffee…….I Need Coffee!

Coffee…….I Need Coffee!

I know I’m in a desperate state for coffee when I can leave the house with curlers in my hair!

I’m going to have some quality SL time today! When I look out my RL window and see snow falling I just want to crawl back into bed! So, I threw on some nice and comfy clothes to lounge in and I’m here for the rest of the day!

Who can deny that a pair of jeans is the next best thing to pajama pants for comfort! These are the Star Jeans from NoName, they’re HUD driven with six textures. 🙂

This cute tee is the Burn the Daisies Tee from More Than Ever. It’s a gift at the On Fleek Gacha Fair, which is on now until May 4.

It’s Saturday, which means a new round of Sixty Linden Weekends! Dark Horse Style has two packs out for the sale. This is a selection from the Leopard, Metallic Neutrals pack.

The skin is Adore, bare in Satin tone from Lumae.

I found the No Make-Up Today pack from Izzie’s and have on a couple pimples and some fairly dark circles under my eyes! Hey..it’s the weekend….it’s the perfect time to go without cosmetics!

The great curlers and hair is Passion in cocoa from Miss C.

When I was young we called them Thongs…now, for reasons pretty obvious, they’re flip flops! I think I’m showing my age with that comment! 🙂 These are the Flup Flops in light blue from Livalle.

Hands and feet by SLink.

Poses by Le Poppycock.

In search of the perfect cup of coffee I came across The Millhouse Beanery. You’ll find the perfect surroundings for a quiet cup of java with a good book to get lost in! There’s a coffee cake on the table there, unattended, just asking to be tasted! 🙂

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