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Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

It’s Sunday, and I’ve pledged to myself to take the complete day off from worry! I know worrying has never solved anything, but it’s not for a lack of trying for me! So today whenever my mind wanders and wants to worry about something I’m going to shake my head and think something happy! Like a newly hatched chick, or a brand new book just waiting to be read, or a chocolate bar, like a Crunchie or an Aero! Ahhh…nothing’s happier than chocolate! 🙂

On that happy note, here’s my outfit!

The Rocker Chic outfit from .Echo. is a great look for a night out dancing or maybe on the back of a Harley with your arms wrapped around your man’s waist! The jacket, top and skirt, plus a pair of stockings(not worn here) are all included!

The Clarie Heels in black are from CH Accessories Shop and compatible with the SLink high feet.

This hair from .:cheveux:. is 049 from the blacks hair set!

The Adore,bare skin in Amber tone is from Lumae.

I’ve added option 2 from the Liquid Liners pack from Veechi, the Blue eyeshadow from Izzie’s Autumn Eyeshadow pack, and the Innocente Bare Roman Lip Color from MOCK Cosmetics to the skin.

The Revolver Earrings are from Swallow.

The neck tattoo is Little Black Bird from Aitui and the Little Birds SLink applier tattoos are from .inhale..

Poses by Le Poppycock.

Pics taken at Pinoy Hideout.

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