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Great SL Fashion on the Cheap!

Great SL Fashion on the Cheap!

I don’t know about you, but I love a freebie, or even a near freebie! And group gifts are the greatest! Even if you have to pay a few lindens to join the group, it’s just about always worth it! The group for ::KRALUS:: is well worth joining! There’s a high quality group gift released in the beginning of each month and they can become a standards in your wardrobe! The May group gift is out and the Mesh Slip Dress in black is a nice loose maxi dress that can be dressed up or down with various accessories!

I’ve added the Olivia Balloon from Pure Melody to the outfit for a bright shot of colour! There’s no reason for a handbag to be boring…and this one is far from it!

The Blair hair from Wasabi Pills is at the current round of ~uber~. This is from the Browns pack, which is so predictable for me!

The Jewel,bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae. You might have noticed that I wear Lumae skins almost exclusively for my blog! I’m just a Lumae and Aeva/Hearstick kind of girl!

The great Monaco Nights necklace is from Maxi Gossamer Accessories. Maxi hosted an early Sunday morning snatch and grab that I got in on, and came out with a bundle!

You can see the toe of the Fishbone Sandals in brown from le primitif. I’ll wear them again in the future so you can get a good look at them.

I’m wearing make up and SLink nails from alaskametro<3. It’s the May Facebook gift and I want to show them properly, so I’ll be wearing it all again in the next post, with a close up!

The handbag poses are by Aerial Poses.

I made a return trip to Pinoy Hideout for the pictures!

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