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A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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Everything I know About Second Life…

Everything I know About Second Life…

…I learned from my sister! For anyone that wants to join Second Life let me just say, “There is so much to learn!” I don’t think I would have stuck with it if I didn’t have someone to help me out when I needed it, and that was like, “All the Time”. Luckily I had my sister to find me…..take me to her home…then take me to a few places that every noob should visit for cheap clothes! Of course, FabFree was first on the list!

Now, I’ve always been able to do the basics on my computer but a computer geek, I’m not! But, I am proof that even the most basic computer user can learn, and go on to have fun on SL! Now if I could only master getting up those stairways! 🙂

My outfit today is the very pretty dress and shoes from Melak Fashion! The Mona outfit is a stunning gown with a lovely floral design and shoes for the SLink high feet! It’s perfect for showing a great back tattoo and an intricate necklace!

The Showroom is open and awaiting your arrival! .Figure. has two nail applier packs there, this is one of the eight designs from the Dreamy pack. The packs are SLink and Omega compatible. The Showroom runs until May 16.

The Azami hair is a new release from Argrace. It has two versions includedand has a re-size menu.

The Jewel,bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae.

I added KOSH eye shadow, Atia’s eye liner and Lip colour from Aeva/Heartsick.

The Ayla Moon Goddess necklace is from Maxi Gossamer Accessories.

Poses by flowey.

I took these pictures at the lovely Nowhere Plains.

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