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Soak Up the Sun

Soak Up the Sun

I always think of being on a beach as being carefree and just enjoying the moment. But I’m not that kind of person. I tell myself to just let my mind be still and be self aware, but I can’t seem to stop thinking! One day I’m going to master the art of relaxation and get to a beach and enjoy the warm sand, the fresh breeze and feel the sun on my skin! Oh how I dream!

I had a little bit of enjoyment on this beach! I found a nice quiet spot at ~Santaurio~, with the sea turtles and starfish and, and took some pictures. I love playing with the windlight, It seems I go through them all just to see the changes before I decide on one. This is what I ended up with.

I am really pleased to have been accepted as a blogger for flowey! I got my first items to show you and they’re SO nice! Collabor88 is on, and if you can manage to get in, head over to the far right corner and have a look at the Charlotte shorts and tops from Stories&Co. by Flowey. There’s fourteen textures to choose from and all are gorgeous! I had a hard time picking one, but settled on the Red Floral.

The Kasumi hair is a new release from Argrace. It’s mandatory to have a ponytail at the beach! This is from the blacks pack and each pack includes a fited version and an unrigged,resizable version too!

I have never seen as many group gifts as Pure Poison has out! OMG…..it’s a group gift festival there! I grabbed the Logo Sandals to wear here!

The lovely Adore,bare skin in Amber tone is from Lumae.

Poses by Diesel Works.

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